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The Ecology and Management of Kalahari Lions in Central Botswana

A handsome young lion with no field home range, he remained within the reserve for the entire study.

This is a one hour long video of the seminar I recently gave at the ANU, disseminating my results from the CKGR lion research project. … [Read more]

Salient statistics about Botswana…

581,730 square kilometres (48th) 0.45% arable Population 2,155,784 (145) 32.9 under 14 years of age. Life expectancy 54 23% adults estimated to carry HIV 85% Literacy rate Source: CIA World Factbook, 2015 … [Read more]

Human vs Livestock vs Wild mammal biomass on Earth


At some time in recent pre-history, there were fewer than 100,000 humans, hunter gatherers all, while ┬áthe rest of mammal diversity was wild. Then humans domesticated plants and animals, and together they came to dominate the landscape in a ┬ávery … [Read more]

Lion strongholds around Africa

Lion Strongholds around Africa and their estimated populations from Riggio et al 2013

I owe this data 100% to Jason Riggio and others, where they provided the data and shape files in this paper. The map is now a visualisation of the strongholds for lions around Africa, and does not include areas that are privately owned ( very … [Read more]