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Lion PM001 – “Passarge”


Lion PM001 was the first lion collared by the project in 2008 and his data is not concurrent with other lion data. He was a very large male, estimated at older than 10 years. We collected data for five months from November 2008 till April 2009, when he died of unknown causes. His range covered  an estimated 800 square kilometres, greatly using the Passarge Valley  system (pan habitat) and nearby dunes spanning to the South East and the North West of the valley. His utilization of pans outside the valley was minimal, and the occasional ranging PM001 did was intermittent and a matter of visiting the edges of his range, perhaps looking for mates and scent marking. He was collared with another male PM002 present, but no other social or scat data is available except for many stories from tourists who recognized that he and PM002 spent much time in the valley together. The spatial data was preliminary and helped formulate further questions and address logistical issues before the commencement of the study.

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