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Amy Dickmans’ Carnivore Conflict project in Ruaha, Tanzania


Human-wildlife conflict is an issue of critical conservation importance, and is one of the main threats facing large carnivores today, particularly in areas near reserves. Large cats and other carnivores can impose significant costs on households through livestock depredation, and they are also often feared due to the possible risk of attacks on humans themselves. Frequently, the response to this conflict is lethal control of the carnivores concerned, and this can have a significant impact on carnivore populations. For instance, cheetahs have undergone a dramatic population decline and range contraction over the past century, with human-wildlife conflict identified as one of the key reasons for this decline. Other carnivores have also undergone similar declines, and continuing human-carnivore conflict poses a critical threat to remaining populations in many areas….

Read the rest of the story on Amy’s Ruaha Project Webpage and  a great Africa Geo article on her work.


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