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New Website Updates

After much deliberation we have decided to update our website to better serve our community of supporters and contributors as well as people searching for information. Updates New site structure and layout to facilitate understanding, education and hopefully donations to the research.   … [Read more...]

Some of our favourite links

Some of our favourite sites ALERT Panthera WildCRU/Hwange Zimbabwe Project Craig Packer and the Serengeti Lion Project IUCN Species Survival Commission :Cats Specialist Group  African Lion Working Group   … [Read more...]

Lion JM068 “Sega”

Kesegafetse, which means the lucky one, is a male living in the north west quadrant of the study area, but not so far north that he ever had to leave the reserve.  A beautiful lion he and his close companion watched over a considerable territory, five females, and their cubs.   … [Read more...]


The Oryx, or Gemsbok (Oryx gazella) is common in the CKGR. Its an incredibly well adapted desert ungulate, and a favourite food of the CKGR lions. … [Read more...]


  The blue wildebeest, or brindled gnu (Connochaetes taurinus) is a herding animal synonomous with savannah and migration, and was once very plentiful in the central Kalahari. We estimate that it now numbers only a few hundred, down from aroun 100,000 to 150,000 prior to 1980. … [Read more...]

ABC Radio Interview

Kevin was interviewed by ABC Radio, while in Botswana   listen here … [Read more...]

ANU Reporter article

The Australian National University's quaterly magazine, The Reporter, did an interview. Read the whole article here.   … [Read more...]

Lion SM009 ‘”Scar”

Lion SM009 was the first lion to be collared by the study proper, July 2009. He has an unmistakable scar across his mid-back, and was known from a November 2008 visit where he was found on Tau Pan. Initially SM009 wore a store-on-board collar, which was removed in April 2010 after nine months. This meant that the initial data was on the default … [Read more...]

Lion PM001 – “Passarge”

Lion PM001 was the first lion collared by the project in 2008 and his data is not concurrent with other lion data. He was a very large male, estimated at older than 10 years. We collected data for five months from November 2008 till April 2009, when he died of unknown causes. His range covered  an estimated 800 square kilometres, greatly using the … [Read more...]