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The Ecology and Management of Kalahari Lions in Central Botswana

This is a one hour long video of the seminar I recently gave at the ANU, disseminating my results from the CKGR lion research project. … [Read more...]

Salient statistics about Botswana…

581,730 square kilometres (48th) 0.45% arable Population 2,155,784 (145) 32.9 under 14 years of age. Life expectancy 54 23% adults estimated to carry HIV 85% Literacy rate Source: CIA World Factbook, 2015 … [Read more...]


The springbok (Antidorcas marsupialis) is a medium-sized brown and white antelope-gazelle of southwestern Africa. It is extremely fast and can reach speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph) and can leap 4 m (13 feet) through the air. The common name "springbok" comes from the Afrikaans and Dutch words spring = jump and bok = male antelope or goat. The … [Read more...]

Lioness BF053 – “Cally”

    A very shy lioness was darted at the western boundary of the CKGR, and darted at the same time as male BM052 while they had been mating for about 20 hours beforehand. At the time BF053 had one single large cub, approximately 1.5 years of age, whom BM052 had chased away from the scene. After darting she returned to mate with … [Read more...]