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The Ecology and Management of Kalahari Lions in Central Botswana

This is a one hour long video of the seminar I recently gave at the ANU, disseminating my results from the CKGR lion research project. … [Read more...]

Lion strongholds around Africa

I owe this data 100% to Jason Riggio and others, where they provided the data and shape files in this paper. The map is now a visualisation of the strongholds for lions around Africa, and does not include areas that are privately owned ( very noticeable in South Africa), and they have tentatively included a substantial population estimate for … [Read more...]

Lion BM052 “Marco”

Lion BM052 was darted and collared in the wildlife management area (WMA) corridor between the CKGRs western boundary and the farms further to the west. He never associated with another male, chasing several younger males for considerable distances. When travelling west out of the reserve, lion BM052 encountered a game farm that tolerated lions and … [Read more...]

Lioness BF053 – “Cally”

    A very shy lioness was darted at the western boundary of the CKGR, and darted at the same time as male BM052 while they had been mating for about 20 hours beforehand. At the time BF053 had one single large cub, approximately 1.5 years of age, whom BM052 had chased away from the scene. After darting she returned to mate with … [Read more...]