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Lion BM052 “Marco”

Lion BM052 was darted and collared in the wildlife management area (WMA) corridor between the CKGRs western boundary and the farms further to the west. He never associated with another male, chasing several younger males for considerable distances. When travelling west out of the reserve, lion BM052 encountered a game farm that tolerated lions and … [Read more...]

Lioness BF053 – “Cally”

    A very shy lioness was darted at the western boundary of the CKGR, and darted at the same time as male BM052 while they had been mating for about 20 hours beforehand. At the time BF053 had one single large cub, approximately 1.5 years of age, whom BM052 had chased away from the scene. After darting she returned to mate with … [Read more...]

Lion JM058 “Wasp”

  Lion JM058 was part of a pair of 6 year old lions first observed in November, 2009 in the Junction Pride range (see Figure 3.2) but were not part of the pride there and were apparently nomadic. Two years later they were observed inside the mostly undefended Passarge area in August, 2011, mating with a Passarge Pride female. I placed a … [Read more...]

Lion TM059 “Bart”

  This young male with very striking facial features was part of a cohort of three young males. He was observed singly on several occasions and was estimated to be about 4 years old when collared in March, 2010. He spent a little time around Tau Pan, but did not associate with the four territorial lions of the Tau Pan pride. Instead the … [Read more...]