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Lion MM102 “Mogoto”

A male was collared in the north west of the reserve to fill an important gap in the developing pride map. Almost immediately the satellite collar failed and only occasionally returned sporadic data. After 132 days the collar removed with 24 days worth of data, no GPS enabled collar was available at the time, and I decided not to attempt a … [Read more...]

Lion JM068 “Sega”

A single male dominated the Junction pride after the death of JM011 and his partner see section . Lion JM068 was collared in July 2009 and over the observations I found that he defended two cohorts of 3 females each. These females had not been observed with the original males, and the females that spent most time in the north had cubs that were old … [Read more...]

Lioness HF012 “Tata”

  Lioness HF012  responded to playbacks of prey animals in distress on the western boundary of the CKGR. It was clear from discussion with local farmers that understanding lion behaviour near and across the boundaries if the game reserve would be beneficial. This lioness travelled with a single female partner, and very occasionally with a … [Read more...]

Lioness SF010 “Steph”

On the evening of same day that male SM009 was collared, a female was collared from the from the eastern end of San Pan, as part of a group of four lioness. After darting the vet immediately recognized that she was quite newly pregnant. She gave birth a few weeks later hiding the new cubs, and soon mixed her cubs with another females of a very … [Read more...]