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Estimated African lion populations by country, 2002

Below is an image I recently constructed using Bauer and di Iongh's 2003 paper estimating lion populations around Africa. Some numbers also come from Chardonnet, 2003. Some of this reflects a lack of information. For instance there may still be lions in Angola, but due to civil war, there is very little information. … [Read more...]

Hwange National Park

Recent work, funded by the Panthera Foundation, has focused on understanding the human-lion conflict along the boundary of Hwange National Park to establish the nature and extent of the problem and to help develop practical solutions for those communities that co-exist with wild carnivores. Read more here   … [Read more...]

Lioness JF013 “Rata”

Lioness JF013 was collared near the centre of the Junction prides territory, but had soon departed from this area. She was a very young lioness and part of a family unit of five including an older adult female and a sister and two brothers of similar age. In contrast to the resident females, lioness JF013 and her cohort appeared to be a part of a … [Read more...]

New Website Updates

After much deliberation we have decided to update our website to better serve our community of supporters and contributors as well as people searching for information. Updates New site structure and layout to facilitate understanding, education and hopefully donations to the research.   … [Read more...]